Gift cards by themselves they are lame. BUT, we have an answer... 

Tells us what gift card you intend to buy for your loved one. We will mail it inside of a copy of Loyal Wife's new album for only $20!

Your Christmas shopping could be done inside of one email!

When you send money (Paypal | Venmo), identify these 3 things:


1) Type of Gift Card (Target? Amazon? Fancy Place?...)

2) Friend’s Name & Address

3) Include a Note -- if you wish. (Please specify handwritten or typed.) 


Whatever amount of money you send, we'll keep $20 for the CD & shipping.*

Still have questions? Contact

Happy Loyal Holidays!



*If you want to send out multiple CDs/Giftcards we’ll cut the price in half (only $10 to cover the CD & Shipping) 

**Sending overseas or speedy delivery? Add some money. Add $15 ***You can also use Google Wallet, Quickpay, check (pob 32048,, mesa 85275) ****Album not available till Spring's that too.