One single--comprised from tracks on Get Right--will be released each month of 2017. The first single to be released - We Notice Homes When They Break (aka 'Home') Feb 14, 2017. #HappyValentinesDay

Art by Madi Altman, Daniel Bennion, Annelise Jensen, Hendripis. Video by Evan Iggiekaze & DPJ. 


14 Feb 2017


Faux Light Studio & Live Members: Ashley Taylor, Sam Hardwig, Blake Kimball, Spencer Reed


David Jerkovich, Danny Nogueiras, Anthony Pausic, Tripp Beam, Laena Geronimo, Vicki Brown, Jeff Rofferdo, Mike Whiteside, Jason Voorhees, Jason Corman




1ST SINGLE 2/14/17

OK, here's the deal. I'm David Jensen. I play under the name Loyal Wife. I've had many incredible friends join me under this name. I've been blessed. January 4, 2016, I started my first studio album in 5 years at my favorite new studio, The Ocotillo. It's dedicated to my lovely, loyal wife, Annelise. I've never worked harder. I've never been more pleased. Produced by Danny Nogueiras and David Jerkovich (Novi Split, Kind of Like Spitting). I just launched a Kickstarter campaign to provide pre-order and fun rewards. The new record is titled GET RIGHT. And if you're asking, yes I did.

Songs, videos, etcetera available from the Get Right Kickstarter 
or from getright.info

David Jensen "Get Right" Interview

We introduced students into the process. They developed artwork that will provide multiple album and singles covers options. It was a pleasure working with Chris, Kelly, Andrea, Kate, Donna, Rebecca, Jeremy, Michael, Madison, Amber, and Megan. They were great collaborators and did impressive work.